A Little More About Us.


Our filmmakers have been shooting weddings for over 5 years, with over 200 weddings between them.  We strive to create our own style, and hope that that style matches our couples ideas for the perfect wedding film.  

Everyone involved in our films have a distinct strength.  Whether it's cinematography, editing, color grading, aerial photography, or one of our other talents, we believe that it takes more than one person to make a film unique and perfect.  All of our background is in film and television, and what drew us to wedding films is the unique challenges that are present.  Being able to craft a strong story and showcase our couples personality in each custom film is  an experience very unlike one that we would get on a locked down commercial set.

We strive to not be the standard wedding video company.  We want each film we create to be an individual, emotionally driven, story based experience.  We love to tell stories, we love to travel.  We love to be trusted to capture the moments of our couples most special day of their lives, and to leave our audience with a tickle in their throat and tear in their eye.  Our home is St. Louis, but we've been lucky enough to travel to Colorado, Zion, Destin, and even all the way to Bermuda for work.  

While films are our passion, what we love most is leaving the world a little better each time we get to work.  That's why we have chosen to give a portion of each film we make to charity.  We're lucky enough to make people happy with our jobs, and we want to share that happiness with others. 

If you think that our personalities match yours, then sit down and watch some of our films.  If you love our work,  send an email to david@coteriecreative.com or head on over to our investment page.