Rose - Honest Men
Ever After - Mary Ellen Kirk
Last Chance (alt. version) - CHPTRS

music licensed by: TheMusicBed

Where to even begin with this wedding video. This was our first time shooting at The Caramel Room under the Coterie label (but we’ve been there like 30 other times while working for other wedding companies) and it’s always such a treat…get it? Because of the chocolates.

Anyway...the huge “Bissingers” sign is always a key attraction for portraits, so we made sure to get plenty of time out on the roof and the amazing footage speaks for itself!

Being able to work with Ali Brassel-Popp (who David just happened to film her wedding way back when) is always a treat. Ali’s wedding film was actually the spiritual birthplace of Coterie, we always say.

Emily and Brian are so in love, and truly they’re best friends. And it shows in every single frame of their film.

The reception was CRAZY. Jordan, their DJ, had the entire dance floor going nuts from the first song he played. It’s some of the coolest dance floor footage we’ve ever been able to capture and it really ramps the film up.

So thankful to Emily & Brian for letting us be a part of their big day!


venue // The Caramel Room at Bissingers

photographer // Ali Brassel Photography

florist // Flowers & Weeds

reception DJ // Millennium Productions

food // 23 City Blocks Catering