You Are Always With Me - John Lucas
Stay With Me - CHPRTS

music licensed by: TheMusicBed

Laura and Christopher are both musicians so music played a huge role in this film. We like to push the boundaries with music in our films, because not everyone wants to hear the SAME SONG OVER AND OVER. But this one was nerve wracking haha.

Laura said at her meeting that she REALLY LOVED films that have an interview with the bride and the groom, and ironically enough SO DO WE! We love being able to do something different stylistically, and this AMAZING couple gave us that chance.

It was a super hot, super bright day, and we saw some stuff at Lafayette Square Park we never expected to see (inside joke, but it involved some maternity shoots that had significantly less clothing than we expected). But once we got to the reception and cooled off the party REALLY got started.

We love our Coterie couples so much!


venue // Windows on Washington

photographer // Kara Volle Photography

reception band // The Lustrelights

food // Windows on Washington