McKenna & Armon


Hollow - Will Champlin

music licensed by: TheMusicBed

I have known McKenna since before I shot my first wedding. We were friends in Kansas City and had worked on some short films together.

She had followed my wedding career, waiting for Armon to pop the question and when she did she asked if I would be willing to TRAVEL TO COLORADO FOR HER WEDDING!

I don’t think I let her finish the sentence before I screamed yes.

I drove to Kansas City to pick up my friend Josh Leonard and we hit the road for the long drive (sometimes it’s easier than flying with all the gear).

The views, the wedding, the CASTLE THEY GOT MARRIED IN were so amazing I can’t wait to go back.

This was the first official Coterie video ever made. The first with the logo, the first on the facebook page. It’s so crazy to see where we started and where we are now.

I wouldn’t trade this job for anything! Love this film and love McKenna and Armon!


venue // Silver Oaks Chateau

photographer // Emily Chowning Photography

wedding dress // Cleo Bridal

ceremony DJ // Jimmy Hussey

reception DJ // Jimmy Hussey

food // Patty Long Catering

cake // Sarah’s Cake Shop