Nicole & Zachary


Surrounding - CHPTRS

music licensed by: TheMusicBed

Do you see the size of those snowflakes?!

The freak blizzard came out of nowhere this random November day. None of us were prepared for how epic the first look was going to become because of the dream snowflakes.

We partnered with Sonni McCune of McCune and Co. Photography for this wedding. Which is awesome because Sonni and her second for this wedding/work wife Veronica are two of my best friend.

On the video team today was another amazing cinematographer in his own right Josh Brickey who blended into the team so well. I can’t wait to work with him again, if he ever slows down enough to join a shoot with me again.

I’m so thankful to spend my weekends with people that I love making films that I love!


venue // Chandler Hill Winery

photographer // McCune & Co. Photography